Caven Point

946 kW Output Jersey City, NJ

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Contract Term

2 years

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Discount Type

22% Savings

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Cancellation Fees

No cancellation fees

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Cancellation Info

Cancel with 60 day notice

Annual CO2 Offset

As your project pumps clean energy into the grid, less non-renewable energy needs to be produced. Annually, this project reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as much as any of the following actions:


Fewer Miles Driven


Lbs. of Coal Avoided


Trees Planted

Project Story

One out of the four first community solar projects coming to New Jersey, Caven Point will be generating solar energy year-round to provide power and electric bill savings for PSE&G customers. Subscribe today to receive a minimum of 20% discount on your PSE&G bill and to support New Jersey's path to a sustainable future!

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Project Coverage Area

The map provides general information about the local area that is able to participate in the project. If the project is accepting subscribers, you will be able to join the project and support clean, local, more affordable power.

Areas Served *

Jersey City
Union City

* This list is not exhaustive

How You Save

Old Bill


Charges: $100.00

Credits Applied: $0.00

Amount Due: $100.00

Bill With PowerMarket


Charges: $100.00

Credits Applied: -$100.00

Amount Due: $0.00


Generated: 1000 kWh

Credits: $100.00

Amount Due: $90.00

You save $10

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