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PowerMarket™ makes it possible to choose the source of your electricity. Rather than powering your home or business with fossil-fuels from the grid, you can now get the electrical output from a local solar, wind or hydro project credited directly to your monthly utility bill. It's easy, less expensive, and supports clean energy development in your community.

Traditional Power

Less than 3% of your state's energy comes from wind and solar

brown power



100% of your electricity comes from local solar, wind and hydro projects

clean power

The PowerMarket is made possible by something called Community Distributed Generation, and we are the first company to offer it in your area. Sign-up to support locally produced energy today.

How it works

Find a Project

Search the Marketplace and choose a project near you that you want to be the source of your power. Select the deal that works for you and sign up.

Join Powermarket

We'll contact your utility to get information on your electricity bill so we can work out how much power you need. We'll then contact you with a clear offer.

Start Saving

Once you're contracted and the project is live, your utility bill goes down. You'll get a separate subscription charge, but you'll pay less in total every month, guaranteed.

Keep the Lights on

Your utility continues to supply the power to your home so the lights will always come on. You get clean, locally produced power that costs less!

Calculate your savings and impact

Adjust the slider below to visualize the impact that choosing locally sourced power can have on both your environment and pocket book.

Co2 Avoided
1,000 tons
Yearly Savings


20 year savings


Cars off the road


Trees Planted


Your average monthly electric bill

*Based on a New York state average retail rate of ¢16 /kWh and $21 of fixed charges.

PowerMarket Customers

Sustainably Minded

At Provenance Meals, we source vegetables and grass-fed pastured animals from local farms, and use compostable and recyclable packaging. Now we source our energy in the same sustainable way.

- Caroll Lee - Provenance Meals
Bronx Community Solar


Finally a way to go solar for younger people who don’t yet own a home. I can’t think of a reason why everyone would not do this. Well done PowerMarket!

- Rachel Fleischer
Queens Community Solar


I've been trying to find a way to get clean and locally produced power for a long time – and now it's finally here! I honestly couldn't be more excited.

- Jakob Mose Olesen
Queens Community Solar

It's a No Brainer

I loved how simple it was to get attached to a project and start getting a discount on our bill. I’m glad we have community solar in our area because it’s a no-brainer.

- Helen Chagares
Hawthorne Solar Warehouse

Go Solar Without a Roof

Unfortunately, we don't get enough sun to put solar panels on our roof, so it was exciting to hook into a local solar project and help the planet. Plus, any questions we have are always answered immediately! 

- Iris Arno
Hawthorne Solar Warehouse

Save Money Every Month

I was surprised we could support a solar project in my neighborhood with no upfront investment. And the best part, we save money each and every month!

- Chrissie O'Leary
Hawthorne Solar Warehouse

Reasons to join

1Receive electricity from clean, renewable sources
2Guaranteed savings on your electric bill every month
3Support clean energy development in your community
4Rely less on fossil-fuels from your existing utility
5Participate in clean energy with no upfront cost

Reasons to join


Receive electricity from clean, renewable sources


Guaranteed savings on your electric bill every month


Support clean energy development in your community


Rely less on fossil-fuels from your existing utility


Participate in clean energy with no upfront cost

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