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Achieve carbon neutrality for your business

Attract new customers, investment and talent by demonstrating your business' commitment to sustainability.

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Photo of offshore windmills taken by Nicholas Doherty

Measure your emissions

We will utilize our technology platform to work directly with you and the utility to analyze your emissions and pinpoint where you can have the greatest impact on your business.

Plan your strategy

We will provide expertise and different sustainability options to achieve your goals. We will facilitate the purchase of those options via our dashboard, making achieving your goals simple.

Report and decarbonize

Your business will be provided all necessary reports to ensure you demonstrate to your customers, shareholders, and third parties your commitment to sustainability.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Offset 100% of your electricity usage.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent the environmental benefits of renewable energy generation and can be purchased to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity consumption. By purchasing RECs, businesses can support renewable energy generation and reduce their carbon footprint. PowerMarket will source the ideal REC’s for your business to ensure quality and traceability at the best price.

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