PowerMarket is a trusted community solar marketplace that allows people to choose their power from local sources.

Our Story

Communities are becoming more localized. We increasingly get our groceries, seafood and beer locally sourced. Why not our electricity? Founded in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, PowerMarket creates an opportunity for customers to choose from various clean local power producers. Staying local allows us to provide clean power cheaper than your old utility. It's farm-to-table energy, at a discount.

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Where We Started

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Our projects

We work with renewable energy developers across the country to connect households, businesses, and organizations to clean energy. From solar arrays on farms to fuel cells on top of roofs, our projects vary in technology and size -- but always contribute to the local power grid.

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Environmental Impact

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Our projects pump clean energy into the power grid, so less non-renewable energy needs to be produced. Over time, our projects have reduced the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as much as any of the following actions:

Less Cars on the Road

Railcars of Coal Avoided

Acres of Forest Planted

* All data is calculated using EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Financial Impact

Supporting clean energy shouldn't come with a financial burden. Thanks to programs such as community solar, our subscribers are constantly saving money while supporting clean energy.

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Low and Moderate Income (LMI) customers

A common (and true) criticism of renewable energy is that the economic benefits of it accrue disproportionately to the wealthier households. Because community solar is an effective tool to combat this inequality, PowerMarket has developed novel customer acquisition approaches that allow lower income individuals to participate in the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy.

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Our first ever billing cycle was run on March 20th 2017. Twenty-one customers had signed-up to a rooftop solar project in Hawthorne NY. We invoiced each of them and collected $3,740.82 which was passed on to the owner of the project. Since then, we've run countless billing cycles and are proud to keep unrecoverable dollars to an absolute minimum and provide reporting that's accurate to the penny.

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