PowerMarket is a trusted leader in community energy.

We support our customers, partners, and utilities on our shared mission to build a better world powered by clean, local, affordable electricity.

About Us

Since 2014, PowerMarket has connected people to clean, local, affordable power. Born in Brooklyn NY, we are a clean energy company for everyone. Our team matches customers to electricity generated at community projects built by our energy partners.

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Our mission is to make clean energy more accessible and affordable while helping people save money and defend the environment.

All data shown is generated in real time directly from our platform.

Our projects

We work with renewable energy developers across the country to connect households, businesses, and organizations to local energy. From solar arrays on a landfill to fuel cells in a parking lot, our projects vary in technology, location, and size - but always contribute clean energy to the power grid.

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Environmental Impact

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Our projects pump clean energy into the power grid, so less non-renewable energy needs to be produced. Over time, our projects have reduced the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as much as any of the following actions [2]:

Fewer Cars on the Road

Railcars of Coal Avoided

Acres of Forest Planted

1) Solar panels used in partner projects vary in size and output. This calculation assumes an average panel output of 325 watts.

2) Environmental equivalencies are calculated using EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Financial Impact

Supporting clean energy shouldn't come with a financial burden. Thanks to programs such as community solar, our customers are constantly saving money while building a more sustainable energy future.

Customers Save with PowerMarket

Our customers can save money on their electric bills without needing to add solar panels to their rooftop. We help empower our customers to join the renewable energy revolution with minimal disruption to their daily lives. In the process, we have saved customers millions of dollars while making their communities stronger.

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Community solar is a highly effective tool to promote greater equity and inclusion in the clean energy revolution. At PowerMarket, we believe that clean power should benefit everyone. We prioritize accessibility for our lower- and moderate-income customers, breaking down the barriers to their participation in the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy.

Savings for Lower-Income Individuals

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Since our first bills went out in 2017, we've run countless billing cycles and are proud to keep unrecoverable dollars to an absolute minimum and provide reporting that's accurate to the penny.

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