" /> The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Patricia Ioannides

The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Patricia Ioannides

Customer Experience Team Member

We always want to get to know you but realize that you probably know little about us. This interview series is a way to introduce you to our team.

Our PowerMarket team is lively and hardworking. We are also passionate about clean energy and the benefits it can bring to communities, including many of our own.

So meet one of our newest team members, learn more about the energy industry, and always feel free to reach out. In case you haven’t been able to tell, we love talking about shared renewables and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

I know you haven’t always been in the energy space. Tell me about your professional background and how you found yourself in an industry focused on the environment?

When I first started working, I worked for some of the major New York advertising agencies as an account executive and account supervisor. I went on to work at Crate and Barrel for over 14 years in customer services and sales and more recently I was at Ralph Lauren.

My interest in the environment and sustainability started many, many years ago before it was sort of cachet. At the time, I had just moved to California and was expecting children. I was thinking more about what kind of environment and world I wanted to bring them into. At home, I was very concerned about exposing them to anything toxic so I started doing things like using environmentally friendly cleaning products and it really started from there. I then became much more interested in recycling and still to this day I am one of those people that might go through the garbage and fish something out to recycle it. I also subscribe to newsletters from environmental organizations and enjoy keeping up on environmental news.

It sounds like you have always been environmentally conscious. What led you to the shared energy sector?

Clean and alternative energy had been on my radar for a while and when I found PowerMarket, I thought, 'Wow, maybe this is it. This could be a way to make a contribution and support the environment.’

Having been at PowerMarket for a little bit of time, how would you describe it?

Young, dynamic, and innovative.

What does your day-to-day look like in your role at PowerMarket?

I help subscribers on Long Island sign up to take part in shared energy. I also will reach out to subscribers if they‘ve stopped in the sign-up process to see if they have any questions or if they need assistance. I really enjoy connecting with people and making sure that how I communicate is tailored to them. The projects I am supporting are fuel cell projects which are a little more esoteric so I try to keep it simple. Subscribers will save money every month on their electricity bill, it's their contribution to supporting cleaner energy on Long Island, and a community project is ideal for anybody because all they have to do is sign up for it. There’s no infrastructure that they have to install and there are no fees - it's simply a transaction and that's it.

What makes you excited to come to work every morning?

First of all, working with such lovely people is amazing. Everybody has been so welcoming and understanding. It's just been wonderful. It makes a huge difference. I also love connecting with subscribers and talking to ones who might have been skeptical at first but then end up joining the project. I approach every subscriber as an individual because there's no such thing as one size fits all.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

One fact about me that people don't know is that I started out as an archaeology major in college. I actually worked on an archaeological excavation when I was 16 years old in Jerusalem. It was such an impactful experience for me personally that I decided that I wanted to spend more time there and did my first three semesters of college at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.