" /> The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Mahvish Gilani

The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Mahvish Gilani

Business Operations Associate

We always want to get to know you but realize that you probably know little about us. This interview series is a way to introduce you to our team.

Our PowerMarket team is lively and hardworking. But we are also passionate about clean energy and the benefits it can bring to communities, including many of our own.

So get to know us, learn more about the community solar industry, and always feel free to reach out. In case you haven’t been able to tell, we love talking about community solar and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What sparked your interest in the environment or clean energy?

In college, I signed up for an environmental science class and I was so interested in everything I learned. It really struck a chord. I was sad about how we were treating the environment and all of the non-renewable resources that were being used.

Mahvish, you seem to be a numbers guru. Tell us a little about your professional background and how you ended up in clean energy.

I started off with Bank of America. I did a rotational program over there for two years at the finance organization within Bank of America and I stayed there for nine years doing different roles within finance. I knew it wasn't for me but I just couldn't really find my passion and so I started exploring. I was talking to a friend who was in SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia) and he told me about what he was learning and it really struck a chord and reminded me of how much I loved the environment. So I started thinking about how I could incorporate my skills in this sector. I started trying to find the perfect balance between the skills I had and helping the environment.

I know you were also a part of the Clean Start program at NYU, could you tell me more about your time there?

The Clean Start is a diploma program at NYU and it actually was a really good experience. I had a cohort of about 8 to 12 people who I'm still in touch with and what I really enjoyed about the program was how passionate everybody was. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was in a room where we all shared similar passions and I felt like this is where I belong. These are people like me.

Your background is such an interesting one. So what drew you to PowerMarket?

When I came to PowerMarket, it was like a sense of relief and a sense of fresh air. It was a good team of individuals from all different backgrounds who were working together to make a difference and I felt like I had a good rapport with everybody. I've enjoyed my time here and I am excited for PowerMarket’s future. I'm so happy I found my way here.

What do you like most about PowerMarket?

The people, the organization, and what we’re doing.

What problems do you think PowerMarket is solving for the industry?

One of the biggest values we add is informing the public that community solar is available, whether it's through outreach or through signing people up. It's telling them that this is available, and giving people the opportunity to sign on. We're teaching people what community solar is. I think we have a nice sweet spot where we are able to provide [a] service to people regardless of their financial situation. On a client basis, our AR platform is a really holistic piece of technology that is user friendly, and it’s a good value add.

What is one thing that you think most people might not know about you from reading this article?

I am a sound practitioner and I facilitate sound meditations. I'm really excited to get back after COVID and host my meditations again.