" /> The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Leland Gohl

The People Behind PowerMarket: Meet Leland Gohl

Director of Customer Experience

We always want to get to know you but realize that you probably know little about us. This interview series is a way to introduce you to our team.

Our PowerMarket team is lively and hardworking. We are also passionate about clean energy and the benefits it can bring to communities, including many of our own.

So get to know us, learn more about the community solar industry, and always feel free to reach out. In case you haven’t been able to tell, we love talking about community solar and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Leland, what is your background and how long have you been in the clean energy industry?

I've been in the clean energy space since 2016. I knew I wanted to work in renewable energy and ended up finding a job with Vivint Solar. It was a good learning experience, which taught me how to communicate with people about somewhat abstract concepts, like energy. In many ways, it felt like a science communication course. I learned a ton from this role but knew that I wanted to understand sustainability more holistically. So I enrolled in a sustainability certificate course at Harvard. I did that for two years and eventually became the Director of Sales at a more local solar installer in Washington, DC. Then, I moved to New York City and found PowerMarket.

It sounds like you’ve been in the clean energy space for a while. What ultimately drew you to the industry?

It was really two things. One, I felt strongly I could contribute to this space because it involves so much of what I love, which is understanding different subjects and applying them in business. Be it science communication, finance, policy, engineering. In the clean energy industry, there are just so many creative applications that I loved and that I wanted to understand.

The second is that the environmental crisis is one of, if not the biggest problems that we face today, and I wanted my work to be impactful and part of the solution. I've also had family that has been touched by environmental problems, so working in this space is very personal, and I bring that with me each day. I’m drawn to this industry because of its impact. With community solar and clean energy technology broadly, we can help stem the worst effects of climate change, especially communities that have been hit the hardest by it, while helping everyone save money on their electric bills.

Why do you think community solar is so important to the clean energy industry?

Community solar popped up because you have these utility-scale solar projects which only serve one end of the market. Then, at the opposite end, not everyone can pay or finance the funds required to build solar on their home or their business. This leaves a huge opportunity in the middle. What I like about community solar is that it is a product for the masses that is more accessible regardless of your circumstances.

How does PowerMarket benefit the industry?

We have a strong, one-of-a-kind software platform that facilitates customer acquisition, support, billing, and management. It helps developers and asset owners have real-time visibility into the success and financial performance of their clean energy projects. In addition, the PowerMarket team delivers services ranging from customer support, reporting, and policy advice that help our clients ensure their projects are as economically beneficial for everyone as possible. I am confident this combination of strong technology and deep expertise will help continue to drive greater adoption of clean energy projects across the country.

What is your role like as PowerMarket’s Customer Experience Director? What has been your proudest moment leading the Support Team?

My primary responsibility is leading the Support Team, which serves all our customers whenever they have questions. The other part of my role is leading customer communications more broadly.

What makes me proud of the Support Team is something that’s ongoing. They have a hard job, and they strive each day to deliver a level of customer service that I think is unmatched anywhere else. They bring a fresh set of eyes and an ability to distill complex energy industry concepts down to everyday terms that our customers understand.

What is one thing that most people might not know about you?

I used to play chess competitively for a long time and I loved it. It’s just a hobby now but if there are any chess players out there who want to give it a shot, I will happily challenge them and to any wager.