" /> PowerMarket and SunRaise bring some of the first community solar projects to Maine

PowerMarket and SunRaise bring some of the first community solar projects to Maine

PowerMarket, an employee-owned community solar management services company, has partnered with SunRaise, a New England solar energy developer, owner and operator, to bring community solar projects to Maine.


PowerMarket and SunRaise’s goal is simple: Bring locally produced clean energy to local residents and businesses. With the recent passing of community solar legislation in Maine, residents can now support renewable energy that is produced in the state while seeing some of the first guaranteed savings on their utility bill every month.


Community solar is a renewable energy model that has seen success in states like Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Residents and small businesses in the same utility territory as a community solar project can subscribe to a portion of it. Subscribers receive guaranteed savings on their utility bill for the clean energy that their portion of the project produces and supplies to the utility grid. Subscribers are then billed for their portion of the project but at a discount for supporting clean energy — saving them money every month.


PowerMarket has worked to help bring community solar and its benefits to Mainers. To support this effort, PowerMarket has created four new jobs in Maine. PowerMarket also seeks to help build Maine’s clean energy future by being a proud Sustaining Leader of E2Tech.


“For many years, numerous states have seen the benefits of community solar thanks to the help of our PowerMarket team. We are excited to finally bring these benefits to the state of Maine as well. The recent momentum behind community solar in Maine means saving residents money while ensuring a better future for communities throughout the state. We are proud to be a part of the clean energy movement in Maine,” said Nick Baudouin, co-founder of PowerMarket.


While at first community solar can seem complicated, PowerMarket’s experienced team works to streamline the process so that subscribing to a community solar project is simple and easy. That is why SunRaise decided to work with PowerMarket.


“We are excited to finally be able to provide Mainers with off-site solar power that is lower cost, clean and local. PowerMarket has been a great partner in bringing some of our first community solar projects in Maine to life. Drawing on PowerMarket’s expertise in the community solar industry, their team helped our project launch go smoothly so Maine residents can simply sign up and enjoy the benefits of community solar. Just as it should be,” said Patrick Jackson, co-founder of SunRaise Investments.


All Central Maine Power customers are able to subscribe to these community solar projects where participants will not only be guaranteed 10% savings on the community solar credits they receive every month, but also support clean energy in Maine. 


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