" /> PowerMarket and SunRaise Bring 7.45 MW of Renewable Energy to Maine Residents

PowerMarket and SunRaise Bring 7.45 MW of Renewable Energy to Maine Residents

CHINA, Maine

Last month, a 7.45 MW community solar project in China, Maine went live and has begun to feed clean energy into the Central Maine Power utility grid. This is the fourth community solar project that PowerMarket, an employee-owned community solar management company and SunRaise, a New England solar energy developer, owner, and operator, have partnered on in Maine.

The community solar project is providing over 1,000 Mainers access to supporting clean energy in the state. In addition, these subscribers will receive savings on the community solar credits they earn from participating in the project.

“There has been a lot of discussion about reduction targets that we need to hit in order to reduce the impacts of climate change,” Patrick Jackson, Co-Founder of SunRaise Investments said. “Community solar will continue to play a large role in our ability to meet these goals nationally and right here in Maine. This project brings us another step closer to where we need to be.”

PowerMarket’s expertise in Maine’s new market has helped them successfully manage the over 22 MW of community solar that SunRaise has developed in the state to date.

“Since the beginning of Maine’s community solar program, we have been supporting our partners in implementing their projects,” Nick Baudouin, Co-Founder of PowerMarket stated. “Having expertise in this new market is somewhat unique. We are thrilled to continue working with SunRaise on the community solar projects they have in Maine because it showcases the type of partnerships we form with our clients.”

Through its partnerships and relationships in Maine, PowerMarket has worked to ensure that the China community solar project was fully subscribed before the project went online. While there are no longer spots for subscribers on the China community solar project, Mainers who are interested in participating in community solar can join the Market Street community solar project in Gardiner, ME via PowerMarket’s marketplace. Those who would like to learn more about community solar or connect with PowerMarket can do so by contacting PowerMarket at sunraise@powermarket.io or 207-280-8130.

About PowerMarket PowerMarket works to make clean energy more accessible, affordable, and ubiquitous through community solar. We are a recognized market leader in providing subscriber acquisition, management & billing services to the community solar industry. Based in New York and with an office in Maine, we manage over 20,000 subscribers—ensuring that they are seeing utility bill credits, savings and the environmental impact of their participation. Since inception, we have put over $600,000 back into the pockets of our community solar subscribers. We are an advocate for our subscribers and have rolled out many programs across the Northeast with Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) carve outs to ensure benefits are equally distributed to these communities.

About SunRaise SunRaise Investments is a mission driven commercial solar energy owner, operator, and development group. We develop, finance, own, and operate large community solar energy projects. As a developer and owner, we are unique in that we can be the one party to bring your public or private property through permitting, interconnection, construction, financing, and operation, allowing property owners to enjoy a seamless relationship with one party. Lease your land or roof and receive long-term predictable revenue from SunRaise. We develop projects on farm land, roof tops, landfills, gravel pits, parking lot canopies, industrial sites, forested land and more. We invest in these solar projects so our electricity consumers don't have to pay the upfront cost of solar. Instead, we provide consumers with a low, stable electricity rate, significant savings, and environmental leadership. We choose to do this because we care deeply about our future. We are committed to a complete transition away from fossil fuels & towards clean renewable energy because it must happen now.