" /> PowerMarket & Sustainable Jersey City to Bring Benefits of Community Solar to Northern New Jersey

PowerMarket & Sustainable Jersey City to Bring Benefits of Community Solar to Northern New Jersey

PowerMarket, an industry leader in community solar management services, and Sustainable Jersey City (SJC), a collaborative network of green community groups and individuals, announced their partnership to raise awareness for how community solar can benefit New Jersey residents.

“Community solar wasn’t an option for New Jerseyans just two years ago but today residents can realize the benefits of joining a project near them. That is why this partnership is so important. New Jerseyans should know that by joining a project, they are supporting the development of clean energy in the state while receiving guaranteed savings on their electricity bill every month. Once people know that, they are often quick to sign up.” – Adrian Varga, Energy Analyst at PowerMarket

Community solar allows both renters and homeowners to take part in supporting renewable energy without purchasing or installing solar panels on their property. Instead, subscribers can claim a portion of a large solar development near them. The customer receives community solar credits for the clean energy that is produced by their portion of the solar project and these credits reduce the customer’s monthly electricity bill. Then, the customer pays the community solar project for these credits but at a 10% discount, guaranteeing savings every month.

PowerMarket and SJC’s work will help New Jersey residents learn more about this new renewable energy option as well as how they can participate. In addition, SJC will organize virtual events for northern New Jersey communities so residents can have their questions answered. Both PowerMarket and SJC are ready to help New Jerseyans sign up for one of four eligible Hartz Mountain community solar projects in northern New Jersey.  

“We are passionate about green living here in Jersey City. Community solar is a great solution for those who want to transition to clean energy, but may not own a suitable home for solar panel installation or may be renting an apartment. In addition to monthly savings on electricity bills, by opting into community solar, residents have the opportunity to support clean, locally produced energy.” – Debra Italiano, Founder & Chair at Sustainable Jersey City

PSE&G subscribers who would like to take part in a New Jersey community solar project can do so on PowerMarket’s marketplace.