" /> Brad Tito Joins PowerMarket as Director of Community Energy

Brad Tito Joins PowerMarket as Director of Community Energy

NEW YORK, New York
PowerMarket is excited to announce that Brad Tito is joining the team as Director of Community Energy in the Orchard Park, NY office. Brad has spent the last seven years at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) where he developed and managed NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program. Under Brad’s leadership of the program, 730 local governments - representing 18.5 million New Yorkers - completed thousands of high-impact clean energy actions. Prior to NYSERDA, Brad spent more than a decade working in local government for both the City of Yonkers and Nassau County on sustainability and clean energy initiatives.

“We have a thesis that municipalities will play an increasingly important role in delivering clean energy to their residents,” said PowerMarket Founder and CEO, Eric Dahnke. “We are already seeing this with community campaigns, community choice aggregation, and opt-out community solar programs. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Brad Tito to lead PowerMarket’s efforts in helping us prove this thesis correct."

Brad brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise in how local governments operate and how they execute on their clean energy objectives. Brad has had an instrumental role in developing New York’s community choice aggregation (CCA) program which allows local governments to choose where the energy comes from for their communities. Brad recently led a stakeholder collaborative process with the New York State Department of Public Service on the development of rules and requirements for opt-out community distributed generation (CDG) programs as part of CCA. Opt-out CDG allows thousands of homes and small businesses within a municipal jurisdiction to be enrolled all at once into community solar projects through a single municipal contract.

“I’ve known Brad for many years as PowerMarket engaged with NYSERDA on countless matters in furtherance of community solar in the state. Beyond his expertise in the industry, Brad frankly fits the culture of PowerMarket perfectly,” said Jason Kaplan, PowerMarket COO. “He is someone of great integrity, his former colleagues sing his praises and he brings humility to his exceptional work. What more could you ask for?”

While he may not claim it himself, Brad has had an outsized impact on the innovation and advancement of clean energy in New York. Having been on the front lines in the most mature renewable energy market in the country, Brad knows all of the market players and private enterprises capitalizing on this dynamic energy industry. We are humbled that Brad recognized PowerMarket’s efforts in leading the clean energy transition and accepted the opportunity to join us so we can realize that future together.

“I am honored and excited to be joining the team at PowerMarket,” said Brad Tito. “Under Eric Dahnke’s leadership, the PowerMarket team is delivering clean energy solutions at an awesome scale, which aligns exactly with my personal mission. I look forward to helping communities throughout the country to benefit from the new clean energy economy with programs like community solar, community campaigns, and community choice aggregation.”

PowerMarket has grown exponentially over the past two years, now with over twenty-five full time employees. PowerMarket is proud of the diverse team it has cultivated and the character of its team members to deliver exceptional service to its clients, all while effecting change in our renewable energy future.

To schedule a call with Brad to discuss potential partnership opportunities, email him at brad.tito@powermarket.io.

About PowerMarket: PowerMarket works to make clean energy more accessible, affordable, and ubiquitous through community solar. Managing over 500 MW of community solar across nine states, PowerMarket is a recognized market leader in providing subscriber acquisition, management & billing services to the community solar industry. With its engagements in New York, PowerMarket is pursuing the inclusion of affordable housing and low- and moderate-income households in its community solar projects. Learn more at https://powermarket.io