Jul 24, 2021

7MW of Community Solar is Now Online in Belfast, Maine

A 7MW community solar project in Belfast, Maine is now operational and providing clean energy to the utility grid. PowerMarket, an employee-owned community solar management company and SunRaise, a New England solar energy developer, owner, and operator, have worked together to provide Mainers a number of options to support clean energy in the state. With this community solar project in Belfast, CMP customers can take part in renewable energy while receiving 10% savings on the community solar credits they receive from their participation.

“We are thrilled that this community solar project has gone online and is now providing the grid with clean energy. Being from New England, our goal in Maine has been simple - provide more New Englanders access to clean energy. Community solar is a way to provide people from all walks of life - homeowners, renters, business owners, and more - access to renewable energy. Through community solar projects like this one in Belfast, we have been able to accomplish that goal and we are proud to see our work come to life and benefit Mainers.” - Patrick Jackson, Co-Founder of SunRaise Investments

PowerMarket has worked alongside SunRaise to subscribe this project. With an office in Monson, Maine, PowerMarket employees have been speaking to Mainers about the benefits of community solar throughout the year. Now, these benefits are finally being seen by subscribers.

“It is great to see this project come online because for so long we have been talking about the benefits of community solar as hypotheticals. Now that this project is producing clean energy for the grid, the benefits of community solar are real and subscribers will soon be able to see these benefits themselves.” - Nick Baudouin, Co-Founder of PowerMarket